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The Fourth of July Trail
Diamond Lake, Colorado

October 10, 2022

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The moon peeking over the peak.
A collapsed, makeshift bridge on the trail.
The texture of the trail.
More trail texture!
Tiny pine trees in a field of gold.
A tall pine tree in a field of gold.
The trail leading into the woods.
A majestic stand of trees.
Moon, mountain, woods, and meadow.
Trail signage.
Gateway to Diamond Lake.
My trail friend taking some time for himself.
A little family of trees by the lake.
The same little family of trees by the lake, but from a different angle.
The trail gets rockier as it continues.
A peek at the tiny tree in the middle of the lake.
The boulder in the middle of Diamond Lake.
A tiny pine tree reaching over the lake.
An icy pond in the rocky part of the trail.
One last look at the mountain peak near Diamond Lake.
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