Hi, I’m Brian.

I design and develop hi‑performing websites, interactive widgets, email drip campaigns, and other digital products for businesses of all sizes.

Previously worked with

  • Techstars
  • Akamai
  • Levi’s Strauss & Co.
  • Boldmetrics
  • WayBlazer
  • WP Engine
  • GoSnow
  • Elementum VC
  • Kammok
  • EvoSure
  • LawnStarter
  • Teneo Network
  • Tableau Help
  • Datawire
  • Gremlin Inc.
  • UtopiaFest

Portfolio coming soon…

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Brian has been instrumental in the success of our startup. His work has helped us sign our first customers and seed investors. He is without doubt at the top of his game in the UX design + front-end development field and is super awesome to work with.

— Sean, Founder

Brian is hands-down the most talented designer and UI/UX developer I’ve ever worked with. From prototyping to final deliverables, he quickly elevates the product beyond the initial discussion. He’s also a fantastic person and a positive source of energy for every team he’s on.

— Cody, Growth Hacker

Brian’s ability to quickly interpret complex inputs and ambiguous customer needs to build powerful products is truly incredible. All of his skills are only made more valuable by his wonderful attitude.

— Matt, Founder

Brian was a pleasure to work with. He asked questions that were thoughtful and to the point, moved quickly, and proved that he can design landing pages that improve conversion rate. I would love to work with Brian again.

— Zak, VP Growth

Brian’s ability to distill complex concepts into simple ideas is unrivaled—combine this with Brian’s eye-for-detail and great designs and you have a UI/UX guru on your hands. Brian is a superb candidate for any team that is lucky enough to pick him up!

— Jon, Techstars Alumni

Brian is easily one of the best UI Designers I’ve worked with. He is able to ask the right questions that get to the heart of the customer’s problem and why that is impactful to the overall business. He comes to work with boundless enthusiasm, a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with.

— Dan, Product Manager

Working with Brian was excellent. His love for anything CSS‑related with strong opinions was an amazing learning experience.

After the design work is done he is more than capable of diving into the codebase and implementing what was just designed.

— Rob, UI Engineer

Brian’s work focussed on re-usable components to improve the look and feel of the product, and boost engineering velocity. Since he was able to express his designs in functional code, he was able to create an effective component library that reduces friction during development and QA.

— Jonas, Founder & CTO

Brian has consistently exceeded all of my expectations each time I’ve worked with him, and done it in half the time or less than I could have expected someone else to.

Brian’s work is simply phenomenal. I can’t wait to have another excuse to hire him or work with him in any capacity.

— Taylor, Branding & Marketing